Famous poems set to music

“The most brilliant music and poetry band I’ve seen in decades.”

Carol Ann Duffy

“Little Machine’s sophisticated way with poetry made me fall in love with old favourites and new ones all over again. They sing, strum, beat, get you tapping your feet, make you laugh and break your heart, every word sung clear as a bell. I swear the Bard himself  has joined this band.” 

Gillian Clarke

Edinburgh studio theatre

Carol Ann Duffy – The Studio at the Festival Theatre – Edinburgh – Dec 3

The Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy performs new and familiar work with John Sampson, including The Christmas Truce, and with the poetry band Little Machine, who have set some of Carol Ann’s Christmas poems as carols. There will be a book signing during the interval. This performance is part of The Home Straits, a programme of work on the theme of home curated by Eleven for Homecoming Scotland 2014. We’ll take journeys home, investigate ideas about home, and look at the comforts and constrictions of home.

Wed 3 December 2014 | The Studio at Festival Theatre 7.30pm,  Tickets £12

Rhythm & Muse Xmas

Rhythm & Muse Christmas Special – December 18

We are so proud to be playing R&M’s ‘Christmas Special’. It’ll be the last R&M show at the Ram Jam Club in Kingston on Thames – www.grey-horse.co.uk. We’ll do some Christmassy stuff as well as a selection of WW1 poems complete with our slide show (if the projector is still there). It all kicks off at 8.30 Thursday Dec 18th, do come early to get a good seat. Book five-minute floorspots in advance via Alison Hill – alison-hill@blueyonder.co.uk.

Adlestrop 100 years on

There seems to be some dispute over whether Edward Thomas’ unscheduled stop at the small station in Gloucestershire happened on June 23rd or 24th 1914. The UK Poetry Society reckon it was the 23rd and we composed this setting as part of their celebration of the occasion. It was filmed ‘live’ on an iPad but we’re pretty pleased with the quality.

‘Madam Life’ reviewed by Words About Songs

Andy J Cash’s review of our album on his Words About Songs blog (May 21 2014)

“Many musicians strive for those perfect lyrics, agonise for hours over a half-rhyme or try to fit their words into a rhythm. A lot of these give up in their pursuit of lyrical impeccability and fill in the gaps with oh’s and nah’s…” Read more

Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy & LiTTLe MACHiNe at Stratford Poetry Festival – Review

Here’s a review of the show from ‘Lit Blogger’ Joe Sale

On Sunday night of the 30th of June I attended the opening night of the 60th Stratford Poetry Festival, a night which would consist of two performances; one from Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, and the other from LiTTLe MACHiNe, a phenomenal poetry band that have set the great poetry of many eras to music, with astonishing results. Read more… 

Playing Valentine at York Lit Fest

The Yorker review of Carol Ann Duffy / LiTTLe MACHiNe show

Nicholas Moody reviewed our show at York Lit Fest for The Yorker
“GCSE English Literature has a lot to answer for. It should introduce you to a wide range of poetry, theatre and books. However for some people, a year of dealing with the same anthology of poems ends up making them hate it. That said if you manage not to get scarred, Carol Ann Duffy performing her live poetry is well worth the time….”
Read more