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The Red Wheelbarrow – William Carlos Williams

Sorry we’re not allowed to reproduce the words of this poem here but Wikipedia has more about William Carlos Williams

Red Wheelbarrow by LiTTle MACHiNe

We’ll go no more a-roving – Byron

So we’ll go no more a-roving – Byron by LiTTle MACHiNe

London – Blake

London by LiTTle MACHiNe

The Rain it Raineth Every Day – Shakespeare

The rain it raineth every day – Shakespeare by LiTTle MACHiNe

Hymn to God the Father – Donne

John Donne’s Hymn by LiTTle MACHiNe

Mediocritie in Love Rejected – Carew
Mediocritie in Love Rejected – Thomas Carew by LiTTle MACHiNe

Ozymandias -Shelley

Ozymandias by LiTTle MACHiNe

The lake Isle of Innisfree – Yeats

The Lake Isle of Innisfree by LiTTle MACHiNe

Western Wind – Anon

Western Wind by LiTTle MACHiNe

This be the verse / High Windows – Larkin
Our setting of Larkin’s poem with one of the most famous first lines in English Lit. “They f*ck you up your Mum and Dad” (thanks to Lily Rae for guest vocals), coupled with “High Windows”.

This be the Verse – High Windows by LiTTle MACHiNe