Our very own Chris Hardy’s latest collection is out now!

Chris’s collection ‘WRITE ME A FEW OF YOUR LINES’ is published by GRAFT POETRY,

Order a copy here www.graftpoetry.co.uk

Here’s what they’re saying about it…

CH is the ideal poet as observer. Whether writing about foreign parts or reporting on what could be called the home front, his poems are not those of a distanced, disinterested onlooker. Instead, his gaze, exact and almost painterly is warmed by a regard now tender, now wryly witty, one that’s well served by a keen ear and a sure-footed sense of how to pace a line and indeed a whole poem. ‘Write Me A Few Of Your Lines’ is an intensely enjoyable collection.
(Prof. John Lucas, Shoestring Press).

Chris Hardy does a good line in titles, as often as not providing a tantalisingly ironic hint at what is to follow.  And, in this substantial collection, what follows proves to be extraordinarily varied, though the poet’s voice is a measured, consistent one.  There are poems in which a sense of place is seemingly effortlessly evoked, often through recourse to tiny, telling details.  Others reflect on experience gained over the years, offering insight and sometimes wisdom.
(Jeremy Page, The Frogmore Papers).

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